PLUS Profiles, is a structured method for assessing behaviour and situations in a company, department, a group or for an individual.

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PLUS Management Profiles is certified

PLUS, is since 2009 certified HRK consultant. HRKs members are obliged to follow HRK strict ethical rules, methods and test policies. We are under supervison from HRK which is examinating us from a scientific perspective.


  • Is built on modern management research results
  • Is developed for recruitment and management development from the start
  • Shows a persons behaviour in various relevant situations
  • 40.000 processed profiles
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Reveals in what situations a person is most/least stressed
  • Reveals potentials and development needs
  • Focuses on behaviour/performance more than personality
  • Gives hands-on advice on possible improvements of performance
  • Enhances the professionalism of the consultant/coach

PLUS Management Profiles AB

Fornåsvägen 13
184 60 Åkersberga

Tel +4670 555 97 97

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  • "A strong leader speaks openly about his/her weaknesses,
    a weak leader tries to hide them."

    Which are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • "A winning” personality is fine, - a winning behaviour is better."

    PLUS measures your ability to proactively act in different situations.

  • "Leadership is defined by its actions."

    How do you act?

  • "Personality is important, the ability to cope with different situations is even more important."

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