Using the PLUS Analysis program

In PLUS analysis programs there are two types of instrument- those intended for the individual level and those intended for the enterprise level. All instruments are constructed on the same model basically. This serves the purpose of enabling them to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation that is easily understood and to supplement and replace one another depending on the circumstances and goals of the particular analysis.

Each instrument has its field of application, its depth and its scope and makes its demands on the time and energy of the individual. Each instrument then has the same foundation, which facilitates both their use and their interpretation. At the same it means that they have developed out of one another and can be viewed as variations on the same theme, that is, the consolidating model.

Enterprise Level Instruments

Climate Profile:

Describes how the work climate is experienced in the enterprise or parts of it and which aspects are experienced as being more or less positive. It also describes which fundamental values exist in the enterprise and how dominant they are.

Demands-/competence profile:

Describes which areas are most essential for a particular business activity, sector of work or position

Individual Level Instruments

Management Profile

Describes the conduct of the leader in the current work situation.


This is the same as the foregoing but a more brief and simple variant applicable to all types of jobs.

Sales Profile

Describes the behaviour of the salesman in sales situations

Motive Profile

Describes the individual's preferences and motives in work situations.

Competence analysis

Describes in outline which competences the individual considers to be his more or less strong ones. May also be used to assess others.

Manuals and forms

The model and analysis instruments are documented in detail in the respective manuals and instructions.
Each instrument has its own form. These are designed to be suitable for completion in private and on-line, for example, at home. The time required to complete the form varies depending on the scope of the instrument. The Management Profile requires about an hour and thirty minutes whereas for example the General Profile, the Competence Profile and the Demands Profile take about 20 minutes.

Computer programs

All input and processing of the data of the results is done via internet. The program presents a well laid out "picture" of the analysis result. This "picture" which accords with the parameters of the basic model constitutes the basis for the personal review which must take place without exception.


Every subscriber to the PLUS-model undergoes a three-day training course. The purpose of the training is to assure the subscriber's competences in using the model and the instruments. A "pass" in the training programme qualifies the subscriber as a certified user of PLUS methods.


Consultants who have long experience of PLUS and use it daily are always available to answer questions regarding the analysis instruments and their use as well as the interpretation of analyses that have been done.

User seminars

User seminars of duration ½ -1 day will be arranged every year. The objective is partly to allow the participants to share experiences and partly to yield source material for the development of methods and instruments conducted by the licence giver, PLUS Management Profiles AB.

Development of method

PLUS continuously develops new methods and techniques at both the enterprise and the individual levels. This is a constantly ongoing process. The analysis program will therefore be continuously updated and developed in cooperation with customers and users and new instruments may be added.
PLUS Analysis Program gives you unlimited access to all the instruments of the program and the results are at your free disposal.

A full subscription includes:

  1. Free access to all instruments of the Analysis program.
  2. Manuals and documentation.
  3. All forms in the number required.
  4. Three days' training.
  5. Creation of your own area in our website.
  6. Consultation.
  7. Annual user seminar.
  8. Subscribers benefit automatically from all development that goes on. When a new instrument has been added to the set, subscribers are offered documentation, the program, forms and training.

The training course, which is obligatory and leads to a certification, extends over 2+1 days and contains a thorough treatment of theory, ethical questions and practical exercises. At present the training may be conducted in Swedish, English and German.

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