PLUS - situational and personal audit

PLUS Management Profiles. continuously develops new approaches to supply and develop effective leadership in organisations. One result of this is PLUS - a set of inventories, which form the base of a sound development of competence and leadership on different levels in an organisation.

The inventories

  • The demand inventory

    - profiling the priorities and the orientation required in a specified situation,

  • the climate inventory

    - profiling the pattern of activities and styles in a specific unit or organisation,

  • the competence inventory

    - profiling a persons priorities and his stronger and weaker competencies,

  • the motive inventory

    - profiling with what and how a person prefers to work, and

  • the style inventories

    - profiling the priorities a person makes in his current work and his behavioural orientation (Management profile), or only his orientation (General profile). There is also an inventory focusing on the orientation for a salesman (Sales profile)


We have built an audit which is firmly grounded in modern management theory and practice, which is easy to communicate and easy to use. We also think it is important for successful development to start from a thorough analysis.

There are many areas of application:
  • recruitment
  • management audits
  • analysis of work climate
  • planning interviews
  • individual development and career planning
  • team building
  • leadership effectiveness
  • redundancy planning and outplacement
  • management of change
  • coaching

PLUS Management Profiles AB

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  • "A strong leader speaks openly about his/her weaknesses,
    a weak leader tries to hide them."

    Which are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • "A winning” personality is fine, - a winning behaviour is better."

    PLUS measures your ability to proactively act in different situations.

  • "Leadership is defined by its actions."

    How do you act?

  • "Personality is important, the ability to cope with different situations is even more important."

    How good are you?